Case Study


Winsford Fire Training Facility


Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service
May 2019
September 2020
Form of Contract
JCB D and B (2016)
Delivery Type
Design and Build

Construction of a new, modern, state of the art fire training facility, ensuring Cheshire’s firefighters have the skills and knowledge to keep residents safe for years to come.

During the pre-construction phase our social value team worked collaboratively with Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service to agree social value targets and develop a detailed social value plan aligned to local needs. ISG work closely in partnership with our supply chain and design partners to collaboratively deliver these priorities and commitments. We worked in partnership with anchor community organisations. The project was delivered during the COVID -19 pandemic.

Enhancing skills and employment opportunities

We worked closely with our local labour agency partners (Universal, Compass and O’Neill and Brennan) to ensure that opportunities for employment were advertised in Cheshire, resulting in the creation of 5 new jobs for 3 of which for Cheshire residents, in the roles of gateman, construction manager, assistant site manager and general site operatives. ISG employed the construction manager, who was an ex forces veteran, initially via an agency. We have subsequently employed him directly.

Engaging with our supply chain partners we identified anddelivered a programme of employment support, with a total of 13 individuals benefiting. Providing training such as manual handling and asbestos awareness. Recognising the importance of professional development we promoted a range of formal courses to ISG and supply chain partners, with 14.6 training weeks completed.

Strong relations with our supply chain partners ensured that 8 apprentices were employed on the project, with a total of 151 apprentice weeks worked. The majority were employed in mechanical and electrical roles, and supported in their development by supply chain partners T Clarke, and also KDE (Keith Darlington Electrics) who are based in Cheshire. ISG also directly employed and supported two level 5 degree apprentices through our ISG Graduate Training Programme.

Raising aspirations through learning

We are passionate about promoting construction careers and inspiring the younger generation, and we supported a range of local schools and colleges throughout the project:
• Delivered a Week of Work Experience (WOWEX) programme.
The programme offered 4 young people a week-long work experience placement giving them the chance to gain hands-on experience in the construction industry and work place, to build key skills such as confidence and communication skills, and gain an understanding of professional construction careers
• Supported the PLACED Digital Academy through career presentations. The programme is designed to introduce young people to creative education and engagement
programmes. 34 pupils were supported from a number of high schools
• Worked in partnership with the Prince’s Trust to provide CV support to young people. We reviewed CVs and provided advice and guidance to support work readiness
• Attended careers fairs to talk to young people about the opportunities in construction and to inspire them to consider construction as a career route
• Supported an Enterprise Day and a design project with Winsford High school pupils

Investing in the local community

Our project team and supply chain partners generously volunteered time and donated materials to support the local community in a number of ways:
• Food bank collections for St Joseph’s Catholic school in Bostock, jointly supported by Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service
• Sponsorship of the Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service 2019 STAR Awards, whereby individuals in CFRS and community of Cheshire are recognised and celebrated for their
outstanding contributions who have performed acts above and beyond the call of duty
• 7 hours of pro bono design support from ISG for Winsford high school

Investing in the local economy

We engaged with subcontractors to ensure they sourced their supply chain and labour locally. We are very proud to have achieved £6,370,380 of supply chain spend within the Cheshire economy (as calculated by Social Profit calculator LM3). This figure represents ISG direct spend and the spend of our supply chain in the local economy, and makes up 69% of supply chain spend (including subcontractor local spend).

Our MEP subcontract partner achieved 54% spend within Cheshire as a result of their focus on supporting the local economy. A number of sub packages supported Cheshire SMEs, including mechanical and electrical materials and equipment, audio visual equipment and labour provision. Through our facilitation efforts, our asbestos removal subcontractor Rhodar partnered with Cheshire Fire and Rescue team to provide asbestos awareness and management training, giving insights to the effective management, associated risks and clean-up of asbestos following fires in buildings which contain asbestos. Our fire stopping supply chain partner FIS (Fire Industry Services) also provided technical training materials and guidance regarding fire protection within building construction.

Social Value outcomes:

• £6,370,380 supply chain spend within Cheshire (as calculated by Social Profit Calculator LM3, including subcontractor local spend) – this represents 69% supply chain spend (including subcontractor local spend)
• Considerate Constructor Scheme score of 42 and Certificate of Excellence
• 7 Work Experience Placements
• 151 apprentice weeks
• 5 new jobs created (3 from Cheshire)
• 55% of labour residing within 30 miles of the project, 20% of local labour in Cheshire

Employment Support Activities

• 14.6 training weeks
• 1.8 volunteering weeks provided
• 8 apprentices supported by the project
• £5,228 charitable and pro bono donations
• 8 Community Events

“We are very excited about the potential this groundbreaking facility has for firefighters now and in the future and are already getting to grips with the new kit and scenarios. This is a real boost to the Service and reinforces our commitment to giving our firefighters future-proof training facilities. This really will benefit those living, working and visiting Cheshire who rely on our firefighters to keep them safe and be there when they need us the most.” Mark Cashin, Chief Fire Officer