Case Study


Wythenshawe Hall


Manchester City Council
Conlon Construction
July 2017
November 2019
Form of Contract
Delivery Type
Construct Only

Wythenshawe Hall is a 16th-century medieval timber-framed historic house and former manor house situated in Wythenshawe Park, Manchester. On the 15th March 2016, an arsonist set fire to the Hall which devastatingly damaged a vast proportion of the internal and external historic features and structure.

Fortunately, the Fire Service did an amazing job to help save the building from complete destruction and they limited the damage. Manchester City Council used the NWCH to procure the works and restoration of the much-loved iconic building so that it could be returned to its former glory and once again reopen to the public.

Works included the repairs to the structural frame, including structural timbers to the gable end, porch and main roof trusses along with restoration of the bell tower and replacement of the stained glass windows.

Engagement Benefits
• Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue utilised the installed scaffolding to undertake training in preparation for any real life Rope Rescue scenario’s.

• A full media day was conducted at the site in which Key 103, Granada Reports, the local newspaper and Wythenshawe Fire Services attended.

• Conlon sponsored ‘This Girl Can’ at Wythenshawe Games day and made a donation of £500 towards the erection of a temporary basketball court.

• First Aid, Hoist, Asbestos Awareness, Face Fit, Rotafix, Abrasive Wheels, Plettac Metrix and STSTS training were given to operatives on site throughout the duration of the project.

• Tours of the hall were given to 32 guests from the Civic Society in Chester, as well as a Hard-Hat tour for the ‘Friends of Wythenshawe Hall’ community group.

• Ten apprentices have worked on aspects of the site during the project.

• Students from Alsop School and Manchester School of Architecture were given a tour of the site by Site Manager, Dave Lyon.

• Two work experience students and one Graduate placement student were involved with the project.

• A Commando Joes activity box was donated to the local Sandilands Primary School.

• Considerate Constructors Scheme – Due to the hard work and effort applied by the project team, we were awarded a 42/50 overall for the project.

• CCS Silver ‘National Site Award Winner’ 2019

“We are very grateful for the committed and collaborative approach the team showed throughout the project which on a personal note made it very
enjoyable to be a part of”
Edward Kepczyk, Senior Architect – Buttress