Ways to contact the NWCH Team


Charmaine Hughes (Head of Frameworks)

Charmaine will provide overall strategic and operational management of NWCH, embracing a culture of Client focused delivery and support. Charmaine will also ensure that a high level point of contact with all stakeholders takes place and focuses on operational management and the delivery of our strategic marketing plan.

Email: charmaine.hughes@manchester.gov.uk

Mobile: 07852 942 447

Ian Hall (Framework Lead)

Ian is responsible for all client facing activities across the NWCH, embracing a culture of Client focused delivery and support. Ian will maintain a high level point of contact with all stakeholders, ensuring the right people are to hand across our Contracting Partners, acting as a critical friend throughout the entire NWCH process. Ian represents the NWCH at quarterly meetings of the National Association of Construction Frameworks working together with the Local Government Association (LGA) to help shape the future of local government construction.

Email: ian.hall@manchester.gov.uk

Mobile: 07966 296 033

Mike Tyler (Business Development and Client Liaison)

Mike will act as a Client liaison at pre-project enquiry, post appointment, delivery and post-handover stages. Mike will be the key point of contact to review NWCH and contractor’s performance throughout the project. Mike will also support the client with their project objectives by providing support workshops and knowledge share. This knowledge will come from the unique NWCH special interest groups (SIGs) that focus on the industry and continuous improvement. 

Email: mike.tyler@manchester.gov.uk

Mobile: 07885 801 477 



Rachel Hughes (Framework Manager – Small Works, KPI & Performance)

Rachel acts as the custodian of KPI’s, social value and community engagement, ensuring that all facets of performance both for Clients and the Contractors are measured and reported at set intervals throughout the life cycle of the project. Rachel will work closely with Clients and Contractors measuring the performance of the Contractors against Budget, Programme and Contractor team. Rachel is also be responsible for the Small Works Framework Management which launched at the end of September 2019 and oversees marketing activities.

Email: rachel.hughes@manchester.gov.uk

Mobile: 07966 230 061

Katie Rothwell-Emery (Framework Manager)

Katie is the Framework Manager for our new consultancy framework, known as the Professional Services Framework (PSF).

PSF is a fully OJEU compliant framework established by public sector partners with experience running successful frameworks, providing a comprehensive consultancy service offer.   

PSF can be used by any public sector organisation within the specified geographic areas. It complements existing construction frameworks operated by the Framework Authorities who established it.  While the consultancy and construction frameworks complement each other, there is no obligation to use both, Clients can select the best procurement strategy for their project. 

Email: katie.rothwell-emery@manchester.gov.uk

Michael Horton (Assistant Framework Manager – Marketing)

Mikey is responsible for all outward facing marketing strategies which includes but is not limited to: website updates, news stories, monthly e-newsletter, social media posts and case studies. Working with Mike Tyler to ensure that the marketing actions of the NWCH fit within the goals set out in the Business Development Plan. 

Mikey will also work closely with Rachel Hughes to ensure KPI and performance data is correctly collected and reported by Contractors. 

Email: michael.horton@manchester.gov.uk




Debi Curley (Assistant Framework Manager – Commercial / Reprocurement)

Debi will support Clients in undertaking the construction framework call off process.  She will guide Clients through a compliant Expression of Interest process that maximises interest in projects and helps gain the insights needed from NWCH Constructor Partners. Debi provides financial support across the NWCH business and provides the first point of call for advice on routine re-procurement activities.

Email: debi.curley@manchester.gov.uk

Mobile: 07811 846 277

Alexandra Fitzpatrick (Business Support)

Alex will provide immediate support to NWCH framework management team and Consultancy Framework team acting as a key member of the team in the provision of a quality value-added business support. Alex will provide high quality, customer focused, flexible and timely business support directly contributing to the achievement of objectives of a high quality service.

Email: alexandra.fitzpatrick@manchester.gov.uk


Kindly note...

All supply chain enquiries should be emailed to nwch@manchester.gov.uk where you will be emailed contacts from each Framework partner who manages supply chain’s enquiries.







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