Alexandra House scores excellent in Considerate Constructors visit

Congratulations to Site Manager, Alex Mastroddi and the team at ISG who have recently scored excellent on their Considerate Constructor Scheme score when visited by a monitor from CCS.

The site complied with the Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice by achieving a score of 8 or above in each of the five sections:

  • care about appearance
  • respect the community
  • protect the environment
  • secure everyone’s safety
  • value their workforce

A Certificate of Excellence to confirm the site’s brilliant achievement was awarded and can be viewed at the below link.

Certificate of Excellence

The aim of the Scheme is to improve the image of construction. This is achieved by monitoring all registered sites, suggesting areas where improvements could be made and rewarding those who are performing at the highest levels.

This is an exceptional achievement and we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Alex and the team on their efforts in improving the image of construction.

Colin Birkett, the Monitor for this site from the Considerate Constructors Scheme had the following to say:

“Alex has brought his previous experience to this project and lifted its achievements to far above the minimum standards required by the Scheme‚Äôs Code. It is notably impressive in realising the aims of the First Impressions Initiative and an example that many other sites could emulate. Perhaps it could be used as the basis for a Company standard.

The team seem to have embedded themselves as a very considerate temporary asset to the local community, set to leave a positive and lasting impression by demonstrating the benefits to the public of sites working to The Scheme Code. The site is monitoring and reducing the use of natural resources, minimising impact and planning to leave a goodwill contribution to the natural environment.

High levels of safety performance are being attained by the application of best practice systems. As well as Covid-19 precautions those now include promotion of road safety and exceptional efforts to drive continuous improvements.

An exceptionally supportive and caring working environment is being provided with a particularly strong promotion of construction as a career of choice including helping people to get their career started. The Company chose to have this visit done remotely and Alex kindly provided a comprehensive package of information in advance of a video call. I wish him and his team well in completing this project.”

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