BIM/Digital Technology event showcases innovation in North West Construction Hub projects

Public sector professionals from organisations across the North West recently joined us for an event exploring the strategic use of BIM, Digital Technology & Innovation in construction.

Held at the Salford University Building at MediaCity, the event comprised of two parts – the first allowing attendees to explore a number of stations. These covered a range of themes, and allowed one on one access to Digital Construction experts, who are responsible for delivering digital solutions within our projects, on behalf of our Framework Partner organisations.

Stations covered topics such as:

  • BIM Level 2 including information requirements & Soft Landings
  • Visualisation and simulation
  • Applications in refurbishment and heritage
  • SME solutions for smaller projects
  • Supply chain, training and collaboration
  • Financial incentives

After this, a discussion panel, which included representation from Digital Construction Consultancy, Cost Management, Pre Construction management, and Client areas, was led by Professor Jason Underwood of the School of the Built Environment, University of Salford. They explored a number of hot topics, such as:

  • How do technologies drive efficiencies and how is this captured?
  • How can we speed up adoption of digital processes inside organisations?  
  • How can organisations identify digital information requirements to suit both construction delivery and facilities management needs?

Overall, the top 5 outcomes from discussions were:

1) Clients need to think in small steps and start by defining their required outputs.
2) Collaboration is best – take the end users on the journey so they buy into BIM from the start.
3) Don’t believe that the older generation won’t buy into digital construction – they may not necessarily understand technology but can recognise its importance and lead the way.
4) To enthuse clients we need to show the benefits through real examples.
5) The model isn’t the key – the data and what it’s needed for is the driver.

Are you a past, present or future NWCH client with a Digital Construction problem to solve? Get in touch at NWCH@Manchester.gov.uk to learn more about our Digital Construction Special Interest Group, they’re here to help!

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