Blog 2: Best value, lowest price tendering & market conditions…

Research in collaboration with Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, Southern Construction Frameworks (SCF) and North West Construction Hub (NWCH) continues with our research intern,Andy Bentham, exploring the question, “Does lowest price give best value to the Client in an increasingly volatile market?”

The literature review is almost complete, covering aspects of procurement frameworks such as client capability, early contractor involvement and two stage open book & supply chain collaboration. The review also highlights topics around the future of construction, with a focus on Construction Disputes, Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Sustainability.

The literature review highlights that one of the benefits of the collaborative procurement frameworks offered by NWCH and SCF is the use of an integrated project delivery team. This delivery model is a collaborative alliance of Stakeholders who share risks and rewards. Entering into a single contract that encourages collaboration the key project stakeholders including the client and contractor can optimise their building results, maximising efficiency and harnessing expertise to produce real value.

Supplementing the review of industry literature, a questionnaire has been issued to clients, consisting of nine questions which will then in turn provide both NWCH & SCF with an insight into client drivers, allowing us to improve our services.

Note: Please can all Clients who have received the Client questionnaire complete this before Friday 16th August.

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