Blog 3: Does lowest price give best value to the Client in an increasingly volatile market?

Research in collaboration with Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, Southern Construction Frameworks (SCF) and North West Construction Hub (NWCH) has now finished. ‘The Bentham Report’, explores the question, “Does lowest price give best value to the Client in an increasingly volatile market?”

The literature looks at the current landscape of the industry together with a student perspective and questions posed from myself. Some of the questions proposed are listed below:

  • Are clients being misinformed about the benefits of two-stage tendering?
  • How many public sector Clients are unaware of the benefits of two-stage tendering?
  • Is it in the interest of consultants to recommend the two-stage approach?
  • Can all parties who adopt an integrated project delivery profit consistently and grow sustainably?

Further work to compile Client perspectives would be fruitful and insightful in answering the questions above. Perhaps a true reflection of consultant influence is not attainable and if they are working against the grain there’s not a lot the industry can do.

 As well as the Bentham Report a questionnaire was sent to numerous NWCH Clients, sadly the feedback from the questionnaire was limited so it will not be published or pursued any further. Thanks to those who did take the time to return their questionnaires. 

Finally, I’d like to thank North West Construction Hub, Southern Construction Frameworks and Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce for the opportunity to undertake the research and serve an enjoyable internship over the past 6 months. It’s been an incredibly valuable experience which will carry me into a career as a Graduate Construction Manager at Galliford Try. 

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