NWCH demonstrate the Power of Procurement

Members of the NWCH management team recently attended and presented at the ‘Power of Procurement 2018’ event after being invited by CLES (Centre for Local Economic Strategies). This years event focused on progress made in Greater Manchester around embedding social value into progressive procurement activities. It was a fantastic opportunity for us to demonstrate our achievements, particularly around social value and was a review of Manchester City Council’s procurement policy and practice over the last 10 years. We were there as a case study of progressive procurement.

The process of procurement is crucial to the concept of community wealth building as it is a means through which greater local economic, social and environmental benefits can be achieved for local places and people. With CLES being at the forefront of work around progressive procurement in the UK and specifically working collaboratively in Manchester over the last ten years, NWCH were invited to present at the event to discuss; what we have done, what we have achieved, what still needs to be done and the key success factors in delivering social value across NWCH and introducing this to the CAPPS framework.

The event had numerous guest speakers from Manchester City Council along with Councillors Ollerhead, Stogia and Craig who delivered passionate messages about how Manchester have invested and spent locally, benefiting Manchester people through invaluable contributions and collaborative working throughout Greater Manchester.
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