Countdown to Christmas: Day 7 – The numbers so far

It’s day 7 of our Christmas countdown and today we’re going to give you the numbers behind the exceptional achievements of the Hub since it’s inception 11 years ago..

In those 11 years, we have delivered 9,567 social value activities. This number includes 1,683 apprenticeship placements.

83,390 have been employed through our projects with 60% of that number living locally.

98% of our projects are delivered early or on time, with 98% being on or under budget.

87% of Clients are satisfied with our service, whilst 85% are satisfied with their end product.

An incredible 97% of waste has been diverted from landfill!

We have a score of 95% in regards to Fair Payment criteria being met by our contractors and supply chain satisfaction score of 90%.

To date, we have 405 projects, spread across 106 Clients with a value of over £2.025 billion!

Impressive numbers across the board and something we are determined to make big improvements on on in 2021. Stay tuned…

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