Framework Lead update

March was an interesting month for NWCH team. We’ve been pleased to welcome Mike Tyler to the team as our new Business Development Manager. Mike is passionate about supporting our clients and guiding them through the options available when procuring main building contractors. He is already finding a huge amount of enthusiasm for the Hub and all that we offer.

John Finlay, who has worked with the framework for 15 years (and with Manchester City Council for 42 years) is retiring from his role this month. John is one of the strongest believers in benefits of collaborative working, 2 stage tendering and ethos of change brought to the industry by Latham Report, Egan Report and Farmer Review.  Working with John has been an amazing experience, and he has been a terrific influence on so many people. Personally I’ve learned so much from John (including how to get all the ducks in a row early in a project stage!) as I know many others have. We all wish John luck with his next venture, and look forward to seeing him the Constructing Excellence breakfast on 17th April (http://www.cemanchester.org.uk/event/procuring-for-value-a-change-in-approach-to-secure-a-better-future-for-the-construction-industry/).

A huge thanks also goes to Olenka Brain, who, over the last 6 years has made a real impact on the positioning of the NWCH brand in the market place, allowing us to be the framework of choice for so many clients. Olenka has been with us on the journey from the first NWCH
framework to the third generation that just started. Collaboratively, we learned how to tell a story about positive outcomes for clients, and ensure that the enthusiasm and motivation that exists across the whole team is felt, and shared by, our many clients and contractors. We wish Olenka all the best in new challenges.

I’d also like to extend a really warm welcome to Andy Bentham, a student from the University of Salford who joined our team on research internship opportunity to look at the benefits of two stage tendering and what benefits it brings to clients. Andy will be working
under the umbrella of NWCH and SCF (Southern Construction Frameworks (https://scfsolutions.org.uk/) with support of the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce.  We look forward to seeing data sheets and stories to be told as results of this research.

We are moving into an exciting new phase of the NWCH. Together I know that we can continue to build on the quality of product and service, our strong relationships and our commitment to integrated and collaborative working, to see meaningful social value
delivered, and the transformation of the lives of communities.

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