Frequently Asked Questions by Consultants

Q – Who can use the Framework?

A -There were 200 clients named in the OJEU notice so is open to all the Public Sector groups located in the NW including NHS, Bluelight services and Central Government bodies. It’s open for use by colleges, Universities and the ESFA. The Framework also covers TfGM, Mersey Travel, Manchester Airport Group and the NDA. A full list of clients named can be found on the website http://www.nwconstructionhub.org

Q – Does the project have to be in the North West to use the Framework?

A – The project doesn’t have to be in the north west if the clients are-

  • Delivering projects in the North West
  • Have offices in the North West delivering projects in the UK
  • North West based clients with public sector funding to support their project

The NWCH has several of our clients with assets out of the region they operate in.

Q – What are the costs for accessing the Framework?

A – The client pays no direct fee to use the frameworks. The framework management fee is recovered from the constructor partner through their competitively tendered overheads percentage upon appointment to a project.

Q – Does it have to be a 2 stage tender process, can we not use single stage?

A – The NWCH was designed as a 2 stage procurement route to select a contractor via mini competition to be taken to the second stage. This enables early engagement between the contractor and client pre-construction to develop contractual arrangements to take the project forward in a collaborative manner.

Q – What is the benefit to consultants or anyone else other than the framework contractors promoting the Hub as a route to market?

A – Due to the streamlined procurement methodology under which the NWCH operates consultants can achieve the same outcome but quicker and much more efficiently.

Q – How do we find opportunities as a consultant via the Framework? 

A – Opportunities can be found by engagement with the client or contractor partners. These can be direct through existing relationships or via meet the buyer’s days. Projects can be procured via design and build or construct only.


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