John Finlay – Winner of the Outstanding Achiever Award at NWRCA 2018

We are delighted that John Finlay, who has been a driving force behind the NWCH, has been awarded the Outstanding Achiever Award at the North West Regional Construction Awards 2018.

John has worked for Manchester City Council since 1978 after gaining a BSc in Quantity Surveying. After working on various building and public space contracts he was appointed Procurement Manager of Corporate Technical Services, where his primary function was to develop new partnered framework arrangements to deliver construction programmes and construction related consultancy services. He channelled his passion for the construction industry and progressive practice into his work. He ensured his Procurement Team and Partners aligned these new arrangements with ‘Best Value’, Latham, Egan, Gershon and National Procurement initiatives.

John was made Framework Manager of the NWCH in early 2013 until 2016, having previously been involved in its initial procurement and management since 2009. The NWCH was borne at a time when lowest cost tendering was still pervasive, and time and cost over-runs created an adversarial culture. Clients found that the price they agreed to pay at the start of the scheme was rarely the price they had paid by the end, there were frequently defects and dissatisfaction was rife.

John is now semi-retired and supporting management in re-procuring the third four-year cycle of three (High, Medium, and Low value) ‘collaborative’ construction frameworks. The NWCH frameworks are held up as an exemplar of procurement excellence and its projects and team have been recognised by a wide range of awards.

John’s involvement with the NWCH is intertwined with the impact its model has had on the industry within the North West and nationally. It simply wouldn’t have been possible without his passion for the construction industry, dedication to collaborative principles and leadership. NWCH is John’s legacy, and the current team is continuing to push best practice. The team won both the North West Regional Construction award and National Constructing Excellence award for Integration & Collaborative Working in 2017.

John’s passion for the NWCH and all things procurement/construction related is unparalleled. His willingness and drive to support, encourage and educate others over the years are what has led to him having such a long an impressive career and is a large part of why he is held in such high regard, both professionally, and personally by all who know him.

John’s comment on his award: “Being nominated and winning this award is very rewarding and much appreciated. I do feel however that all I have been doing is promoting, supporting, and acting upon the sheer common-sense approach of the Constructing Excellence agenda, in working in a collaborative, two stage way to make every single pound spent by the public sector in the construction industry achieve maximum value. My hopes for the near future is that more public sector clients of the industry, and their project delivery consultants, reflect on the highlighted negative outcomes from Grenfell and Carillion, and adjust their more traditional ways of procuring construction work, to a more collaborative approach.”

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