Medium Value Framework re-procurement update

We would like to take this opportunity to update you on the latest news regarding the next iteration of the Medium Value Framework.

The Invitation To Tender (ITT) closed on 29th May with 26 submissions.

The evaluation team are currently evaluating quality submissions and the commercial element whilst the site visit team are currently visiting sites evaluating health and safety/ethical etc. Evaluations will be complete by 27th June.

Next, moderation by the ‘re-procurement team’ will take place. By moderation, it means the re-procurement team go through all the evaluators comments and check that they are consistent and in line with the scoring principles that have been set out. If not, this is logged in an email to the evaluators asking them to revisit their submission (audit trail).

Following this, the team will inform the Board of the ranking, send out successful and unsuccessful letters and wait for the alcatel period (the period whereby contractors can challenge the decision – 10 days to pass until we can formally ‘award’)

The framework is expected to be live from the end of August 2019 – 8 Contractors for each lot – MEDIUM VALUE – FRAMEWORK DETAILS – 3 PLUS 1 YEARS

Structure and Users of the Framework
It is anticipated that there will be up to 8 companies appointed to each of the 6 Medium Value Framework Lots. The Lots are listed below:
· Lot 1 – Cumbria, £2m – £5m
· Lot 2 – Lancashire, £2m – £5m
· Lot 3 – Greater Manchester, £2m – £5m
· Lot 4 – Merseyside, £2m – £5m
· Lot 5 – Cheshire, £2m – £5m
· Lot 6 – North West, £5,000,001 – £10m

Note: Where there is a difference of less than 1 in the overall score at the cutoff point (position 8), the Council endeavours to appoint joint position/s.

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