Clients Updated on BIM Research Project with Salford University

Dr Amar Dakhil and Ahmed Adel Aboumoemen’s PHD thesis’, supervised by Professor Jason Underwood, focus on BIM maturity and measuring BIM outcomes. After being closely involved in the work, NWCH invited clients to the School of the Built Environment at the University of Salford to receive a presentation and an update of the findings to date.

Over the last two years, the NWCH Digital Construction Working Group have been involved with a number of academic research projects, including supporting the University of Salford on the journey to explore BIM maturity in relation to the derived benefits for Client organisations.

Dr Ammar Dakhil, who successfully completed his work this summer, has been exploring clients BIM maturity, and the benefits clients wish to extract depending on which sector they operate in, as well as their overall willingness, capability and effectiveness in delivering BIM within their projects.

The NWCH’s relationship with Ahmed Adel Aboumoemen began, when he was working on his Master’s Degree as part of his MSc. BIM & Integrated Design studies. Ahmed worked alongside colleagues from the NWCH and NWCH contractor partners to develop a Level 2 BIM/KPI assessment framework. Through his work, Ahmed discovered that as the use of BIM drives positive outcomes, which are measured by existing KPIs, it would be better to focus his work on the relationships between outcomes created via the use of BIM and existing KPIs used within the construction industry. Ahmed is continuing to develop the proposed assessment framework from his Masters through a PhD.

Clients from a range of public sector organisations from across the North West attended the event, where they had the opportunity to ask Ahmed and Ammar questions about their research. Both Ahmed and Ammar have built strong theories are now looking to test and further develop these with the aid of construction clients, and create industry leading tools to facilitate clients in getting the best from their investments in BIM.

If you wish to learn more about these projects, or to participate in trialling tools, please contact us at nwch@manchester.gov.uk

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