NWCH combines forces with Social Value Portal

Social Value Portal (SVP) is now working with the North West Construction Hub to measure, manage and maximise social value across the region. By incorporating social value into our procurement frameworks, the Hub can ensure that we unlock additional social value for all of our customers. 

SVP uses the National TOMs (Themes, Outcomes, Measures) which have been endorsed by the Local Government Association and represents the minimum reporting standard for social value across 5 principle themes which are: Jobs & Skills, Regional Inclusive Growth, Healthy Communities, Protecting Our Environment and Social Innovation. 

The TOMs have also been mapped against the UN Sustainability Development Goals which will help our users show how by working together, we can contribute to the delivery of a better society.

“What is measured can be managed and then improved”

Social Value Portal allows the Hub to report both non-financial and financial outcomes across all of our projects and frameworks. All of the Hub’s suppliers are required to set targets and then submit their progress against these targets on a monthly basis. The Portal is easy to use and provides ‘live’ data updates to all users including the following benefits: – 

  • Easily collect social value data from our suppliers
  • Calculate relevant benchmarks which can be used to determine targets and improve performance
  • Measure the social value contribution in communities 
  • Manage and report progress against targets 
  • Create automated reports based on ‘live’ data

The Construction industry is a major player in the region and the NWCH Frameworks offer a unique opportunity to unlock more value, including new jobs for those furthest from the job market, new skills and training for young people, support for regional businesses and volunteering in the community. We calculate that this could be worth at least an additional +20%.

And finally……

Social Value Portal is hosting an open-panel discussion on 27th February 2020 with the aim of determining how Greater Manchester can meet its target to become Net Zero Carbon by 2038. The panel will be chaired by Guy Battle, CEO Social Value Portal and the panel will include Manchester City Council’s Director of Policy, Performance and Reform, James Binks, who is also part of the Council’s Carbon group, Debbie Hobbs, ISG’s Group Director of Sustainable Business and Steve Malkin, CEO of the Planet Mark along with a policy leader from the Tyndall Centre. 

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