NWCH join cycling trial as part of Manchester’s CityVerve Internet of Things project

Framework Lead Joanna Chomeniuk is one of 180 cyclists across Manchester who is taking part in the trial and has been given See.Sense ICON lights which use Internet of Things (IoT) technology to gather data from her journeys around the city.

The data will then be used to identify and prioritise investments in cycling infrastructure and policies. The objective is to allow cycling to integrate fully as an efficient and sustainable transport alternative to the car and provide the opportunity to significantly boost the number of cyclists across the city.

CityVerve is Manchester’s smart city demonstrator led by Manchester City Council, developing new services using the internet of things. The project is bringing together the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, deployed at city scale to deliver transformative benefits: new business and jobs for Manchester; better healthcare, transport and education; safer streets; and more engaged and empowered citizens. The project aims to create a real-life blueprint for smart cities worldwide.

As we play a key part in delivering public sector construction projects, the NWCH is keen to learn from the CityVerve project, which is envisioning the future of the urban environment. Internet of Things (IoT) technologies use software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity to enable objects to collect and exchange data, and offer a range of advantages in how buildings are managed, with the potential to create savings across building lifecycles.   

“This is an exciting project to be working on with Manchester City Council and CityVerve. There are wide range of opportunities emerging from the real-time data collected from the lights and other sources stored in our platform, bringing valuable insights for the city’s infrastructure and policies, and helping develop a safer and better cycling experience for the people of Manchester.” Professor John Davies, Chief Researcher of Future Technologies at BT

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