On site at St Helens Fire Station…

NWCH Framework Partner, Wates, are currently on site at St Helens Fire Station where the construction works are progressing well. This project involves the demolition, excavation and re-engineering of the former Pilkington Glass Works, which is home to redundant furnaces, culverts, flues and chimney bases. Due to the unusual previous use of the site, there has been a wide variety of interesting discoveries in the ground…

This mass of broken glass, or ‘crizzle cullet’ is a spectacle formed when a furnace doesn’t reach the correct temperature required for glass firing, and there is excess moisture or other contaminants present ahead of production.

Two culverts were discovered during pre-construction; one for bringing in clean air for firing the furnace,  and the other for contaminated air departing the furnace. We have continued to discover tunnels and shafts formed in a variety of construction methods, which are legacies remaining from the previous mining and industrial uses of the site.

We’re revealing new things every day our St Helens project, and it makes for some great photography!

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