Partner response to COVID19 – Morgan Sindall

In response to the measures required due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Framework Partner, Morgan Sindall has been instrumental in shaping the Construction Leadership Councils “Site Operating Procedures” to ensure the safety of construction workers and visitors to their sites and offices. Changing their working practices and social behaviour has proven challenging but they have been extremely successful.

Their Project Teams, supported by their SHE Manager, Paul Martin, have produced a specific Construction Phase Plan (CPP) – Addendum COVID-19, which provides guidance on all mandatory social distancing measures. Topics within the plan include new control measures for travel to and from site, access and egress, deliveries, welfare facilities, employee health and
wellbeing and first aid. Examples of action taken include:-

Site canteens – designed for over 90 people – in the current circumstances capacity has been reduced to a maximum of 23. On each table there are reminders of the one person per table rule and the location to sit at that table to minimise contact is highlighted. With this reduction in capacity, projects have all been provided with additional facilities.

Therma Cameras have been installed at site and office entrances, temperatures of 37.9 or above are flagged.

Best Practice
Best Practice guidelines have been communicated to all, with regular updates throughout the pandemic. A special induction video has also been produced, which is mandatory for all workers on every project.

Effective Communication
The use of Microsoft teams has been positively encouraged. Morgan Sindall have been successfully audited with the Considerate Constructors Scheme, hosted webinars and been in regular contact with all staff to ensure everyone is safe but also feels connected within their teams.

Teams have shown fantastic initiative and adopted new innovative approaches to maintain high levels of communication. As an example, the company have introduced a QR code on site to keep the workforce and general public up to speed with their COVID19 plans.

Social Value
Social Value plans also take cognisance of COVID-19. Morgan Sindall’s engagement is now utilising technology, with virtual work experience and SME Engagement taking place throughout the region.

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