Project Update: Chester Community Fire Station

Chester Community Fire Station’s completion date is back on track despite the original delays incurred due to COVID-19.

The measures that were put in place by our site teams, along with strategic alterations to the project, have allowed Framework Partner, ISG to make significant progress despite the pandemic.

The external brickwork on the building is complete, with smart features in keeping with the feel of the city. All internal walls are in place and the rooms are really taking shape with the different areas identifiable.

The new drill tower is ready and the training building is all but complete, offering Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service teams a realistic and challenging environment in which to hone their skills.

The new station will have modern training facilities such as a new training tower, breathing apparatus building and road traffic collision training area. There will also be a better working environment for all staff and more space and improved facilities for community engagement.

It will be more cost-effective to run and maintain, environmentally friendly and have improved accessibility.

The new community station will give firefighters in the city a more comfortable working environment that is better suited to the practical needs of a modern fire service.

Station manager David Rutter said:

“COVID-19 presented the project with a number of challenges which we expected would cause some delays to the station being completed. However the contractors were quick to put all the necessary steps in place to make sure any delays the project was facing were quickly caught up and is back on track for the original completion date.

“I want to reassure the public that the project has not, and will not, compromise our response to emergencies as a temporary fire station has been built on site.

“It’s really important for us to be able to give our crews a working environment that they deserve. And once built, I think it’s something that not only the firefighters will be really proud of, but the city too.”

Tim Harvey, Regional Director for ISG, said:

“It is through full stakeholder collaboration that we remain on track despite the challenges faced due to COVID-19. It is through their understanding, and the fast reaction from our supply chain partners, that has enabled us to adapt and work with agility to deliver this incredible state-of-the-art station, which both staff and the wider community will benefit from.

“We are proud to be working with Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service once again and to equip our fire services with the latest facilities that enable them to act quickly and save lives in times of emergency.”

ISG has also continued to deliver social value through its work on site, despite the pandemic, with the new community fire station anticipated to be fully operational in early 2021.


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