Q and A with Mikey Horton

What is your role at NWCH?

My role at NWCH is as Assistant Framework Manager. I mostly focus on the marketing aspect of the Hub and work closely with Head of Frameworks Charmaine Hughes to ensure we are doing our utmost to get NWCH out there in the best possible ways.

I am responsible for our social media channels, website, generating original content and also gaining content from contractors, clients, end users, board members etc.. amongst many other things which will take me all day to list!

It is a role I really enjoy as it puts me into contact with so many different people and varying aspects of the industry so I am forever relationship building and making contacts. I look forward to seeing where this role takes me going forward.

What’s your background?

After studying mainly business and related courses in college and university, I kind of fell into the back end of social housing. However, it was an industry I grew to love as in my roles I felt that in some way, I was giving back and helping people. That’s why when deciding my next role, I knew I wanted to have that same sense of giving back. So I joined the North West Construction Hub in a role which allows me to give back in abundance through both our end products and the sheer amount of social value activities we participate in.

What do you like most about working for NWCH?

Honestly, the thing I appreciate most are the relationships that have been formed. My own team gel really well together, offer great support, and there is a sense that we are on our way to a sustained period of success if we carry on the way we are.

However, it isn’t just my own team. Positive relationships have been formed with many of our contractors and having that personal edge allows us to collaborate as well as can be possible in order to do our absolute best work for clients and other end users.

What is the most challenging aspect of your role?

I think the fact that no two days are the same is a big factor in why I enjoy my job. However sometimes, large pieces of work or events come in which leads to having to drop everything. Finding ways of getting everything done and to the high standard I hold myself to is something that can be quite challenging. For example, with the recent Low Value Framework launch, I was responsible for organising the updating of all our marketing collateral as well as having a hand in the launch event plus doing my regular job at the same time. It can be very demanding, but in a good way.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

When I’m not working I enjoy reading, a little bit of PS4, and socialising with my friends. I have also been a youth football coach for the past 6/7 years and it is something I’ve really enjoyed. Watching the team grow from having next to no ability when they first started as small children to being successful, talented young men gives me a strong sense of achievement and is something I am very proud of.

5 words that describe you..

A stressed Manchester United fan….

No (although that is true), I would have to say caring, loyal, ambitious, friendly, funny (at least I’m told I am!).

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