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At the end of February, Social Value Portal (our social value partner) and their Manchester office held the first of a series for six Social Value Portal Socials. In continuation of the #TimetoAct theme of the conference, the topic for this event was Climate Emergency – Can we make a difference? 

Sponsored by Framework Partner, ISG, and hosted by one of Social Value Portal’s Directors, Nathan Goode, who was joined by James Binks – Director of Policy, Performance and Reform -Manchester City Council, and Debbie Hobbs – Group Director of Sustainable business at ISG PLC and Dr Christopher Jones – Research Associate at Tyndall House. 

The discussion covered whether regulation, incentivisation and education can and should make a play for climate change mitigation, plans to reduce emissions by Manchester City and how to leverage the public sector’s impact on partners/suppliers, and how to best engage with the issue of climate change and creating a level playing field.

In July 2019 Manchester City Council declared a Climate Emergency, committing to the goal of reducing the city’s climate emissions to net zero by 2038 or earlier – 12 years ahead of the national target. In 2019 humans emitted more carbon than ever, and it was agreed in the room that there needs to be a shift in national policy, and both regulation and incentives should be used to kick start change. 

The panel agreed that there was a critical need for collaboration across public, private, third and research sectors, and crucially we need to take the work force with us, creating a net zero economy by 2050.

With regards to the private sector, Debbie believes that if businesses don’t start to take the Climate Emergency seriously it will start to hit the profits, they will get left behind. 

Additionally, questions were raised for the audience using Slido.  The results showed that:

  • Building energy efficiency is the most important action to fight climate change
  • Circular economy requires more understanding, awareness and engagement 
  • Building energy efficiency is the most susceptible to high cost implications, with Green Travel being a close second.

Social Value Portal’s second event, will take place early June and will be looking at Inequality.

If you are interested in attending or sponsoring any of our events, please email Ashley.morgan@socialvalueportal.com

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