Soft Market Testing – Open day: 11th July 2017

On behalf of the North West Construction Hub (NWCH) Board & Management team I would like to invite interested construction companies to a soft market testing day that will take place on 11th July 2017, in the Central Library in Manchester.
We are looking at re-procuring the High Value framework (currently £9m+) and would like to involve you in discussions on how to take the next generation of frameworks forward, making them future-proof and attractive to clients and contractors alike.  We will be giving you information on what has been achieved to date, and asking for your thoughts and ideas on eg market conditions.  We are also keen to bring innovation to the next generation of our frameworks so we would like your input to ensure that in the future they offer a solution to market challenges.

This invitation is open to representatives of all companies who would like to share their knowledge and experience and are considering bidding future High Value framework.

If you would like to book a slot for 11 July to meet our team please email:

nwch@nwconstructionhub.org for further information.

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