Testimonial for Conlon Construction – Stockport School

“Conlon Construction commenced work at our school on 06 July 2020 and the project has involved reroofing, rewiring and extensive refurbishment work throughout the school.

Conlon have been working on, in, above and all around our school for the past 4 months now and have been an absolute pleasure to work with. Their attention to detail, specifically with relation to segregation and safeguarding has been exemplary. To date, good communication has meant there has been no need to raise concerns over the activities of any of their operatives, despite the fact that they have had to share corridors and work in close proximity with various school cohorts.

The additional pressures applied to both ourselves and Conlon by the Covid 19 pandemic hasn’t diminished the quality of health and safety which has been demonstrated at all levels across the school.

The Site Management team, Joe Hartley and Dave Marsh have been excellent communicators, keeping us informed of activities well in advance of their impact on our school. This communication has also extended to the local community and local residents, where Joe has kept everybody informed via newsletters, letter drops with site signage displaying his contact information to encourage community feedback with regards to our site activities.

I am also aware that Joe has recently had his first Considerate Constructor audit, as part of the Considerate Constructors Scheme in which he achieved a score of 39/50 which is an excellent
reflection of his positive approach to this challenging project.

To date Conlon have handed over 2 phases of work back to ourselves with minimal defects. The minor items are attributable to the migration of services due to the crossover of areas within a live facility, none of which have an impact on the daily running of the school.

All phases have been returned on schedule and to a very high standard.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Conlon for any other similar projects to the Stockport School refurbishment scheme.” Pete Whitehead, Deputy Headteacher, Stockport School

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