Third Generation – High Value Framework – 2018-2022

In December 2018 we will be announcing our new High Value Framework Contractor Partners!

Site visits are currently underway, with 12 inspectors evaluating live construction projects at 36 sites across the UK for 20 contractor organisations.

This is running alongside the evaluation and scoring of the tender documents which were returned on 31st August 2018.  We have 22 people from various organisations involved in this process, from a variety of backgrounds and skills sets that ensure that the process is robust, and not just a box-ticking exercise.

In our Contractor Partners we are looking for those with values similar to our own; sharing our passion for innovation and best practice, working together to deliver quality and value on your projects.

The Lots for the new high value framework will be:
Lot 1: £8m- £15m
Lot 2: £15m – £35m
Lot 3: £35m+

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