Traditional techniques on display at Wythenshawe Hall visit

Following a devastating fire on the 16th March 2016, Manchester City Council have procured the first phase of restoration works at Wythenshawe Hall one of Manchester’s oldest buildings via the NWCH. Thanks to Conlon Construction, the NWCH team and our framework partners had the opportunity for a site visit to see the excellent work they have been doing in saving this grade II listed building. 

Dave Lyons at Conlon Construction told the group some interesting stories of which they have come across through the work to bring the building back to its former glory, so that once again it can open up to the public. Reports have arisen of a white lady who is said to haunt the hall, and has been seen by several people. Many believe this is the ghost of Mary Webb, a former servant from the hall back in 1640. Her fiancé was one of the parliamentarians who besieged the hall. He apparently died from a shot by Captain Adams, and in revenge Mary shot and killed him. It is reported the remaining soldiers took over the hall and shot her. It is said Mary can be heard sobbing and walking frantically from room to room.

The chandelier which hangs in the hall has been seen moving. It isn’t possible for anyone to touch this and wind cannot get to the room. It is suggested that it is Mary that swings this.

It was no surprise that when our contractors heard noises coming from one of the rooms, that they began to panic. However, fears were put aside when this turned out to be a barn owl that later had to be lured out with ham bought from the convenience store nearby!

Finally, all at NWCH and Conlon Construction wish ‘Rot Hound Sam’ all the best in his retirement, after he completed his final job as part of the first phase of restoration works at Wythenshawe Hall. Brought in suitably booted, during initial intrusive surveys he sniffed out areas of dry rot in the manor house.

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Sam the rot hound

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