A Professional Services Framework providing additional project support to clients using their successful construction frameworks

What is the Professional Services Framework?

The Professional Services Framework will provide all consultancy services to major projects utilising the established Two Stage Open Book process and will also enable public authorities to gain access to professional Property Asset Consultancy services and resources.

The framework aims to bring together the whole project team and all the relevant pre-construction information at an earlier stage, leading to greater cost and time certainty and a superior quality project.

There are two main functions of the new Professional Services Framework ;

  • to deliver Major Property Consultancy services
  • to deliver all aspects of Property Asset Management

The Quality & Price criteria for commissions going through this framework are 70% Quality, 30% price.

The Professional Services Framework complements the existing construction framework NWCH by offering suitable multi-disciplinary consultant services.

Develop & Construct

The contractor provides design services, including Contractor Designed Portions, during the pre-construction stage before satisfying requirements and being awarded as a works contract. In this instance, the commissioning organisation will usually retain a Project & Cost Manager and appropriate design guardians.

Who can use the framework?

The Professional Services Framework will be open to all public sector organisations in the following areas;

UKD – North West England – Cumbria, Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Lancashire & Merseyside

UKG – West Midlands – Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire and West Midlands

To view the full OJEU notice, please see our Downloads section below.

Our Consultants

The three consultants we work with on this framework are;


Frequently Asked Questions

Social Value

Manchester City Council (MCC) recognises the positive impacts that our suppliers bring to the communities of Manchester.  The Council is keen to make sure that our supply chain contributes as much as possible to the overall wellbeing of our residents and we therefore include social value as part of the procurement process.

In 2015 the Council increased its weighting for social value considerations from 10% to 20%, meaning that all companies and organisations bidding for MCC contracts have to give social value serious consideration when putting tenders together.

Contact us

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